First Activities

The first Fox Hunt

Their first Fox hunt rode on Saturday afternoon with the rider club Kupferhammer from Lambrecht and the Ride club from Branchweilerhof in autumn cool weather in the area of the Ordenswaldes. Besides the numerous Neustadter and Lambrecht horseback riders, there were guests from all over the Palatinate involved in the traditional fox hunting. The ride started from the Branchweilerhof and then went in a fast happy gallop over to the Ordenswald, now emblazoned in bright colors of autumn. Instead of the traditional hunt for the genuine fox or the tab marked as such, the participants had to get the foxtail off the right shoulder of the rider with their right hand while being on the left side of his horse. After the ride was done they all gathered for some hearty pea soup around the campfire. Our picture shows the riders with the greetings from the Kupferhammer chairmen Müller-Busch in the Branchweilerhof.


Ever more frequently one meets one or more riders, who let their beautiful horses trot from the city eastward. The relaxing ride to the Ordenswald for the Neustadters is already a fixed Sunday program.


The First Christmas Tree

Our first Christmas tree with lights on it in the Branchweilerhof. In the background is the newly renovated, Big House (Spital).