The first official records from the Branchweilerhof, then called "Brunchwilre" dates back to the year 1190 AD. A record from the Year 1225 refers to the Farmstead with the name "Branchvillare". In the year 1275 Pfalzgraf (Count) Ludwig der Strenge ordered a Hospital to be built on the site of the Branchweilerhof, as during that time of Epidemics, such Hospitals where built away from Towns. Pfalzgraf (Count) Johann Casimir in 1578 left the management of the Branchweilerhof to the Neustadter University which had to pay yearly, out of the Farm yields, 11 Fuder of wine and 300 Malter Frucht.

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Main Building (Hospital) before 1890


Von 2013

North entrance of the Branchweilerhof in the 1950's. The Buildings to the right belonged then to the family's Pohl-Hege, now Werner Larenz.

Jakob Becker, "Vetter Jakob", Deacon for many years of the Church. Left in the Picture is the start of the then Arched entrance to the Branchweilerhof.

From the west in the year 1932.

Part of the Branchweilerhof disappears
Haus Hege
The old "Hege Farm" on the Sandfeldweg was torn down on 26.7.1977 to make room for a bigger Street.

Haus Hege  Haus Hege
These Pictures where taken one day before the 26.7.1977 date of the tearing down. The farm was in the way of a new Road. The old Roman Road "Römer Strasse" was straightened and moved just to the east of the Branchweilerhof.
Around the "Hof" in the early days "Spital" where other Farms built (most of those new farms where build by sons) and later even more Farms where built further out.

In 1597 the Center building and the Tower was rebuilt on the old foundation. The Stair Way Tower with the Renaissance- Entrance has a height of 2,50 m and is 1,00 m wide, around profile which in the corners cross over each other. The top of the Entrance has a big Shell and Rosette. Above that is a Renaissance-Adikula with two pillars out of red sandstone, to bad it is badly damaged.
The following is the inscription:
,,Fridericus IIII D.G. com. pal. reni. utri. Bavar dux sac. rom. imp. archidapifer elect. sept."
In English: "Friedrich IV., of Gods grace Pfalzgraf (Count) of both sides of the Rhine, Herzhog of Bavaria, of the holy roman empire seventh Josen Erz-Truchseß.

Turm  Turm


The entrance to the spiral stair Tower.

Torbogen  Torbogen

Arch over the small entrance door in the west of the Hof.
The old ring wall which was around the whole Hof.
The persons in the photo from left to right: Rosa Gross (born Folp), Martha Messerschmit und Maria Katharina Lichti (Geb. Schober).


The old ring wall, which went around the whole Hof.


In 1958 the old high roof of the Hospital along with the small dormers were replaced.
The pitch of the roof was reduced and the dormers eliminated.
In 1997-1998 Dora und Volker Lichti renovated the south half of the Spital. Renovation of the 1st floor was done by Gisela und Joachim Lichti.