SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Increase your visibility on all major search engines.

The purpose of SEO is to increase your positioning in organic search engine results. Our campaigns target all aspects of SEO not just keywords. Many of our customers see a noticeable increase of traffic to their Website in the first month!

All packages include:

Guaranteed visibility in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and ASK Top 10 listing for some of your keyword phrases Professional analysis of your keyword list Optimization of key pages throughout your website Optimization of your websites' navigational structure 24 hour access to live website statistics Monthly updates on your ranking progress Conversion tracking for your website


Increased visibility for your website in all major search engines More targeted traffic to your website Connect with customers who are searching for your Products and Services Track your websites search engine ranking over time

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need SEO?

Most web servers utilize three search engines - Google, Yahoo! & MSN. If your site is not listed on the first three pages, you may miss out on being found. And an opportunity to connect with old or new customers is lost.

How long does each campaign last?

Each campaign lasts for 12 months in which we focus on all aspects of SEO, not only keywords, to ensure your search engine position has increased and continues to improve.

Do you have to edit my website?

Yes, every project is different and the answer is almost always, yes. We most likely will need to edit different parts of your website including navigational structure, page titles, graphic names, link text to name a few. This is all part of the process to ensure your website ranks high in the search engines.

What is the "primary keyword list"?

Before each campaign starts we will develop a list of keywords that your customers possibly would use to find you on the web. Our years of experience with internet marketing will help you to refine this list. We focus our SEO efforts on refining and improving your search engine visibility for this list of keywords.

Does it take 12 months to see any results?

No. Many of our customers see a notable increase in web traffic within a few weeks! Our campaigns last for 12 months to ensure the rankings we have achieved for your will last.

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